Sunset In Port Royal

by Suitablefortreatment on Jul 03, 2013


1.5 oz. Hendricks Gin
2 oz. Black Tea
.75 oz. Lime Juice
.5 oz. Orgeat Syrup
1 fill Ginger Ale


Combine gin, tea (make sure it is good, strong, and freshly brewed), lime juice, and orgeat syrup in a cocktail shaker with ice; shake until well mixed and thoroughly chilled.

In a collins glass or highball filled with ice, pour enough ginger ale to come one quarter of the way up the glass, then strain the shaker's contents into the glass being sure to leave about an ounce's worth of space at the top. Than, pour in Pimm's liqueur (it will float on top, so pour quickly and with some force to get it down into the drink a bit further), and finally gently float a black spiced rum (i.e. Kraken or Cpt. Morgan's Black) on top until full. Garnish with a lime zest piece (twisted over the top of the glass and rubbed along the lip) either in the drink, or cut halfway up the middle and perched on the rim.

The soft shift in color from the bottom'm pale amber, darkening to black at the top is reminiscent of a sunset, while the combination of tropical flavors (rum, lime, orgeat) and British favorites (gin, Pimm's liqueur, ginger ale) are representative of the famously decimated Jamaican city of Port Royal, a favorite destination of English privateers during the Golden Age of Piracy.

  • Sunset in Port Royal