Gourmet Bloody Mary

by Jeffmyers on Apr 07, 2015


Shake and strain into salted glass.

Once you’ve filled your glass the fun starts. It’s time to decorate. Using a skewer, stab a banana pepper, followed by a dill slice, twisted salami slice and a pickle spear. Drop into drink.
A piece of celery and/or jumbo blue cheese stuffed olives (use a skewer or toothpick) are a nice bonus.

The finishing touches make the bloody. One or two large shrimp tucked around the rim adds a “wow” factor. Adding cheese and vegetable boards to the table is never a bad idea. I could go on and on about the accompaniments you can add to this gourmet pleasure…

(Hint) Bacon goes with everything. Feta cheese works if you don’t savor blue cheese. Make this drink your own!

  • Gourmet Bloody Mary